it does not matter what they think

ever get the feeling sometimes we do things to make others happy? in the end, it only hurts us. why do we put ourselves through such pain, such tragedy to please someone else. maybe it is to make a point or maybe we have some tragic event that needs mending, nonetheless, i think it is about time we really focus on what we need and what is best for our well being.

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ambitions and dreams

some people live in a fantasy world and think because you dream it, you can make it. not the case. i can tell you from experience that if you aren’t living realistically, you aren’t in the moment and that my friends will definitely hurt your mental health.

consider this

if you fake it until you make it, the process will be so hard that human conditioning will take over and you will fail. take being in love for instance. what do we really know and understand about love. some mythical fairy tale we were told at a young age ( some of us ) some person will come into your life and alter all that you believe and feel. not true. i used to think i could move mountains when i thought i had found the love of my life but as book explains, that kind of love doesn’t exist.

in the present moment

right now i can honestly say, love is not a part of my life but some crazy illusion i had really conditioned myself in and now i just think it is well enough that i even have a partner, someone who supports me and accepts me unconditionally. the question is, is it enough?

hell no.

i want the paradise, the i can’t live without you feeling the i can’t breathe unless i know you are near me. pretty much the way i feel when i am at the beach ( if we are comparing )

all i am saying is that if you aren’t being yourself and living for another human being, you are in the wrong story. my life is but an existence at best and i live because i have a child who needs me. sad but true, the purpose is solely for him.

what’s next.

as you can tell, i am trying something new, adding a little color for the month in a transition of greatness. ( ha ha ) i am just dipping into something i call “challenge the normal”. as always, give it a go, find your serenity and reach out anytime.


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