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reinvent your own way of life.

we often encounter situations that make us feel uncomfortable and i have always believed, if you aren’t happy in your environment, change it.

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today, i am exactly discovering that people can be very ‘mean’ and disturbing. the problem is how it affects our own well-being. why does what others think or say affect us?

could be many reasons but what i have discovered is more or less, the deeper issue lies within. when we have failed at all things we have tried to accomplish, our self esteem is gone to hell and that only proves we are human.

i don’t pretend to be something i am not, i do not judge others for their behavior or ability to express themselves, on the contrary, i open my mind and let them vent. i am saying this with a heavy heart because someone recently ‘bashed’ me for being who i am and saying what i say. this person totally ripped apart my website and has left me feeling very bad about my writing.

i am a smart woman and know that social media can take a beating on people and we should take things with a grain of salt but this was a personal attack on me.

my blogging has been about discovery. creating, making money, affiliates, creative writing and just plain words.

i believe if you are at least trying to do something, you have a pulse.

so as i remember who i am and what i am about, creating or discovering a new layout, i want people to remember my goal is to just say what has to say and you either take it or leave it.

remember, if you are going to comment, be nice. find a way to express without the intended ‘bashing’.


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