Is it just me or are we destined to self-sacrifice

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when we do not see what others see.

Speaking with a group of people yesterday, they seemed so impressed that I have this blog. My accomplishments are not a big deal to me, except for one event that really is embedded in my head. The reason for that is that it really had a big impact on my life but because it is on paper, maybe it is more effective.

Although blogging should be a big accomplishment, I don’t see it. I see it as a means to vent, show writing skills and at one time, and ability to get noticed in order to get a writing job.

None of it happened but I am still here to do my part.

I find it amazing how people, total strangers see things within us that we do not. I guess when I stand back a bit, I do the same thing. I used to more when I was in the public eye but today, being sheltered from society, isolated in my home because this is where I work now, I don’t see people’s expressions or stories in order to interact.

Yes, I miss it every day but as they say, “leave it in the past”. Somehow, I can’t shake that feeling.

In the Moment

So, lately, as we all know, money has been a big issue with me and I keep asking myself when am I going to be in that good place again. The cost of living has gone up tremendously and it is hard to keep up. Never mind wanting to go to the beach but just survival is key.

I am on a new project for work and yesterday was my first day. The information overload had me a bit tired last night but as it is with every new job, of course, patience will be needed to learn this new material. Met some really nice people, good leaders and interesting facts.

I am very impressed with the organization of material and planned schedule. That says a lot for a company because, in the last 3 years, I have seen some pretty bad companies.

This Week’s Focus

If I am to learn any lessons, I would like to focus on myself this week. I have neglected many things in my life and the brain and body are telling me to get my shit together. What once came as second nature to me, now has been put out to pasture and I must really pay attention.

as always, be unconditional

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