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instead of god save the queen

I love the Crown and I am sure I am not the only one. For me, it goes a little deeper as my grand mother is from England but I had a thought when watching Season 3, why is it always God save the Queen?

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I guess most people who know me I am not a big fan of the God like fantasy and it comes to mind that it is the people who should be saving the Queen or her own ambitions. She is a strong woman and has taken her duties very seriously especially when she was thrown into that title.

I remember when I was president of my organization a few years ago, thrown into that title as well and I didn’t know anything. What an adventure that was. I guess that’s why no one will hire me now because they are afraid of my power.

That is more funny than someone slipping on a banana peel

All I am saying is we should find other ways of stating facts in society. My friends, this is my #letsbehonest movement for 2020; like or share even donate is you can help a struggling writer.


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