Inspirations, Decisions, Dreams of Some Sort

Why do people think that all dreams can come true? Because we are filled with this fantasy at a young age, thinking that if you set your mind to it, everything can happen if you make it happen.

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Delusions are the worse content anyone can stuff in your head because the reality is society can stop you from all the wishes and dreams. People of all kinds have been conditioned to think and believe all is possible and yet why are most of us suffering in silence or otherwise. Why are the rich getting richer while there are so many starving.

Questions to be answered.

They say you must live your passion in order to be happy but what if that passion has been destroyed by others. There is a fine line between working hard at something and being able to attain it. I truly believe in the end, it does not matter only because there is always something just around the corner waiting to put you into your place.

and this is where I am at today

The truth is we fill our heads with thoughts of maybe, what if and stupid dreams only to be disappointed. People, wake the fuck up. Only the one’s with great connections and lots of money will make it big in this world and those people will do anything even stab you in the back to get their perspectives in order. Trust me, I know.


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