Influential People Drive Me Nuts

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I used to love interacting with the public for this reason: I got many ideas from people. This morning, I was listening to a social post video that got me thinking and here we are. Some people thrive on making their lives positive, spreading the word of inspiration and influential well-being but are they really facing their reality? This one lady I follow drives me insane. She is a positive influencer on social media but I can see right through this one. We have been at odds for many years, even though as many times as I comment on her posts, she always says: “I love hearing your perspective”, I know in my mind she is thinking, “fuck off lady”.

You see, people do not want to face the reality of life because they can’t and won’t be able to handle it. The truth is better than a fake perspective and I have said this for years now. Being ready for anything is a good way to practice reality, looking at all the angles of any given situation can help you cope when shit hits the fan or when total chaos becomes a part of your life.

My world is very different than most because I practice this concept, people see what they want by telling me how strong I am but it is with many years of unconditional living that I have captured this power. I do have my moments when life really pisses me off and I can’t understand why the sudden swift negativity hits me but I manage to turn it around with my famous saying:

“This is my life – accept what is put forward and deal with it”

These days my focus, other than work which has become very hectic is trying to cope, give myself patience and find ways to express myself more. I have been hiding some emotional issues and I think it is high time I dealt with them. My vacation was a beautiful experience but I did not get what I wanted out of it other than a great tan and a good night’s sleep.

My work will take me on another vacation next month, not to the beach but time away at least and maybe I will learn some things. I know meeting new people will surely give me something to write about and let’s face it, uniqueness is key to writing great content.

Have a great day and hope you can find your own way to live unconditionally.

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