i’ll take one in every color

why are bloggers, writers so ‘gun hoe’ on writing a memoir when writing a post? what happened to just writing and making the point? i certainly don’t like reading long paragraphs of ‘bla bla’ when in fact when the title says:

“how can i make money or how i made $5000 this month”

well show me how! don’t beat around the bush with where i started, how i got there or how affiliates are what it takes to make a buck. find the back bone in your headline, show me the 1.2.3 in how i can get people to believe in what i am doing so i can draw in my first client.

here is what i believe in. i have been working very hard at creating a pleasant, easily read website and promoting it has been a bit of a struggle. the people who shows you headlines really not get to the details.

yes. i understand everything takes time but when it comes down to it, i need to find that one person, that one client who can blow me into the wind and say: WOW what a great designer.

as my research continues, i continue to tweak and read long winded posts about ‘bla bla’.

on the upside, i am getting a lot of ideas.

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