i’ll never be

there are times in your life when trying seems a waste of time. some days are good, some exhaust me with reflections of my life and then i am so tired i can’t even focus. i don’t know if this is symptoms of whatever bullshit feelings but i can honestly say, no matter how distracted i am, negative thoughts still appear.

that’s just it isn’t it

wellness is a work in progress, a lifetime of getting better at whatever we set our mind too, however, there also comes a point when you feel as though nothing really matters. you try and try to make the best of everything, binging on #socialmedia #tictok to at least get some positive vibes but here we are again.


the sadest part is the trial and error and how i am so aware of this but my negative thoughts take over and i feel absolutely nothing.

there is that word again

it is more of a numb feeling i think and even though i try to pick up good things to do, the same issues creep up.

and in the end this was another moment of bored and stupidity.

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