If your god has a bigger plan

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it is tragic how some people believe in things they cannot see or feel or are disillusioned and conditioned in that way. i was having a moment last night, being sick the last few days really makes you think, honestly only because you have nothing else to do but rest and then the brain wanders. what is it that makes people believe there is such a thing as a higher power?

i will tell you.

the saying “god has a bigger plan” is said because people don’t believe in themselves enough to change the way of the world. people believe in god because they have nothing else to believe in. let’s take addiction; when someone wants to get clean, they get involved in meetings so they can focus on something else rather than the drug, alcohol or whatever you perceive as your enemy but what they are truly doing is creating chaos that never ends. i would know i had a son who was an addict and he was convinced that being clean meant taking another path only to create another chaos he could not deal with in the end.

i have said it before religions were created to keep the peace just like rules but then again, rules were meant to be broken. we are so afraid to face the reality of our own failures and deception that we grasp something that is none existent. the only reason believes in god and the kingdom of heaven is because they feel doing this good will bring them a better place when in fact, when you die, that’s it. there is no better place or redemption for being who you are in this life because there is no place to go after it is done.

i respect all kinds of people

i encourage people to be themselves to transform themselves into whatever they feel will make them whole but with a guideline. you can never forget that reality is a much better place to be in especially if you are completely over the edge.

for years i interacted with a whole bunch of people who made me realize how they weren’t living their truths, and how conformed one had to be in order to survive but today, i can see now how much damage this can have on a person.

there are many other things i don’t believe in especially things that make no sense like the biological transformation of one’s own body, you were born with it, live with it. these ideas bring about the chaos of not living your own truth. it is simply a personality disorder caused by trauma.

it is time the whole world sees the reality of our way of life

how people are out of control, how people feel they need to be justified by any means necessary. if you have something to say, just say it, don’t make a parade of it just because you think it will get more attention. denial is a killer and trusts in the end when the truth comes out, you will see clearly of what blindfolds have been put over your face believing in ideas that aren’t there.

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