if you have nothing nice to say

don’t say anything. or should you? it has become a known fact that some people have nothing but curse words and negative feedback on all matters in the 2020 world. we see social media filled with destruction, images of people losing their minds and certainly offensive words.

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it is all in good when you stand for something but is happening right now in society is stressful and fearing that we will never reach a happy medium again is what is on most minds.

it is the same for someone who suffers from any kind of mental illness or lack of self confidence. we hide behind our computers or isolate ourselves from people because it brings nothing but hurt.

i am no different.

for the past 2 years, i have noticed big changes in myself and although i admit i can’t really come forward, true to form, i am ashamed to admit that i suffer deeply with mood swings and much self-esteem issues. this week, something happened that just added to that and brought me back down again.

my thoughts are scattered more and more and i have loss all ambition to do anything positive or hopeful and i only exist because it is expected of me. i hate when i get like this because i am so aware of my shit i could write novels on it. the worse part is i can do nothing to fix it all.

day by day they say or one day at a time but the days are getting very long. i used to be important, a somebody and now life is just what i see on social media or what the BF brings home from his day of work.

how sad my life has become.


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