If You Build It They Will Come

i thought it might be fun to talk about relationship and sex.

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are you in? good. now i have your attention, what is important in a relationship? sometimes being committed things seem to diminish. communication, lifestyle, hobbies, even sex. now to a woman, this could be very hurtful and even insulting. i know women feel as though they are have done something wrong when in fact it could be something entirely different.

so how do you keep the spice in your relationship?

the odd part about wondering if it is your issue or not we must remember these are areas of sensitivity. i believe if it is practical, meaning the feelings are just gone, maybe there is more to this than meets the eye. on the other hand, if one person is more sexual than the other, this could impose more problems. the big idea is that you must find out the reasoning.

once you have all the facts, then you can proceed to what can or should be done about it. we all know relationships take work but i also have come to understand that sometimes, it is all in the way you think and feel. men and women are so different and we must acknowledge this with an open mind.

when i was younger, if a man only dated me for sex, i used to believe he he loved me. boy was i wrong! use me is more like it but as i got older i also realized i was the biggest flirt.

today, i am still the flirt but with good intentions.

i think it is a means to survival; knowing i am still attractive enough to want me in that way, means i still have a pulse. i often fantasize about how i would like a sexual encounter to happen but never act of it as it would definitely jeopardize my lifestyle but i can say, i know for a fact most people do.

remember, when in doubt, don’t.

i hope you enjoyed this post and if you like more on sexuality or relationship issues, please leave a comment or email me.


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