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if my life was a theme song

the art of knowing who you are is the defining moment when you can honestly say, you are happy in all aspects of your lifestyle. But, who can honestly say they are happy all of the time?

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not me

Those who pretend all is good are definitely hiding something and don’t be fooled by their appearances. It is like people who say to your face they are there to help and care when in fact they hide behind the door and do nothing but criticize all that you do or stand for.

I am so sick of waiting for a great moment that it makes me realize I must do something better in order to rationalize my lifestyle. Not being lucky in jobs, friendships, style and whatever comes to mind has been a constant struggle and it’s about time I get a better life.

So kids here it is:

Step One —— Let go of past regrets

You can’t move forward if you don’t stop thinking about what went wrong or what you did wrong.

I want to be great, I want to help people become unconditional, I want to matter in this fucking chaotic world. I don’t want to waste any more of my talents on companies who don’t give a shit about me but only their own ambitions.

It is time that someone recognizes my creativity, my leadership skills and my ability to be focused and organized in order to get a great job.

Thanks for being here.


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