I miss you so much, it hurts in places I never knew existed

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this is an intense note from beyond. my holiday spirit has gone out the door this year and for what it is worth, I am sure I am not the only person on this earth suffering from the same anxiety and soul-sucking depression and sadness. this year has been the worse and we all know the saying, “oh next year will be better”; I doubt that very much. as society evolves and our cost of living goes up, we drown in sorrow. it makes me sick to my stomach when balancing whether you need to pay for heat or food has become an obvious option.

yes, it is that frustrating. we work to help the rich, aka the politicians and big businesses. I used to think people sucked the life out of me but I now realize it is much more than that. when you stop giving, you get nothing in return, either way, it works the same. balancing my budget has become a nightmare and even the slightest distractions aren’t helping.

so there you have it, how sad is this life but I guess this is what humanity signed for why else would life be so mean to us? we don’t deserve sadness or pain and suffering, we certainly don’t deserve the choices of what is important, why even mean people don’t deserve to be punished for society’s lack of understanding?

so what is the plan …

2022 has been harder than when that sickening disease happened and to look forward to 2023 is insane. hopes and dreams cannot exist if something doesn’t change. I am saying all this because I opened my gas bill this morning and it nearly made me go back to bed. the federal government tripled the cost of delivering gas to our house and I can’t understand this concept. I don’t know how people with minimum wage live and now I understand why foreigners not only come to Canada for peace but live in apartments of 2 bedrooms with 4 families. it is ridiculous.

we need to figure something out because soon there will be no one left on this planet to speak of. even the rich people are offing themselves for whatever reason and that is a clear indication that this world is seriously fucked up.

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