i don’t want to be like everyone else

most people follow suit to something, fighting for ambition, creating ideas, pushing social media just to get noticed but me, i like unique. i guess you could say, i thrive on not popularity but ‘content impact’ – yes! make it real and memorable.

finding ways to better yourself and your ideas is one of the most important lessons i have learned and share with my readers. today, i am thinking up ideas on how to make my office space more functional but comfortable. right now i am thinking about all the things that are just sitting on a shelf doing absolutely nothing, wasted space.

it’s time to clean up right?

which brings me to why do we keep stuff? i guess memorable items are there to remind us of things we have accomplished or achieved but what purpose does it have other than collecting dust. i love space and if i had the money, i can tell you the bigger the better than would written in big bold letters in my office.

then the thought is that i love space. whether it’s a physical thing or in my life, i need space to clear whatever mind bottled up bullshit i am thinking of. when you think of space, some may think it’s an emptiness but i see it as a way to remind myself, it’s time for a break.

i suppose that is why i like the outdoors so much, the freedom of fresh air, sun and peaceful environment. it is a way to clear the air and absorb the beauty of nothing.

yesterday i was side shifted with my job and had to get on the phones, i didn’t really like the idea being i am so used to concentrating on the emails but it was interesting to at least speak to people. the funny things was i was really boggled with these people because they are so hurried, driving while talking to me about their orders, “can you imagine” – to busy to pull over and focus on the call and issue at hand, i kept asking myself: “why is this so important to you” – what makes a person so distracted that they can’t even take a ‘be in the moment’ – moment.

i finally had to ask one man to pull over because the thought of him getting into an accident while on the phone with me was to much to handle for my sanity.

seriously, those were my thoughts.

today, i get the day off and am looking forward to do domestic this morning. shop with hubby and then of course i will commit to do doing some overtime because work and money go together don’t they. an employer can always say this about me: “she is dedicated”.

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