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i don’t hate rules i hate restrictions

it is time to energize the mind. break free of the chains and live the life i want. what am i waiting for?

i can’t even begin to tell you how i got here since i have been blabbing about it for 2 years. it is a low day and i can feel it. hating everything, feeling as though nothing matters, and no meaningful purpose. when i get like this, i keep thinking the brain is non-functional for a reason even though i have the necessities one human can need.

i did not celebrate out canadian holiday yesterday because i am not a proud canadian. we are no longer free and it is time people see the truth. i am not a fan of do this and do that but rules are in place for a reason. the problem is stress levels are so high that people want to break free and then comes the chaos.

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no wonder the small people are going crazy or suffer from mental illness.

i even hate my blog at the moment only because it doesn’t feel right. the layout is a mess, it is filled with chaos and i have to really put my creative talents to work.

did i mention i hate it when i am like this?

i want to be a in a time when i am happy every day. i really do and that feeling as though nothing can put a damper on my inner self. i am asking for too much but it is how i felt a few years ago.

i miss my old life.

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