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i am not afraid of dying but i am afraid of living

the process of our own human conditioning is the most valuable lessons a person can ever undertake. we consider all the possibilities without even considering what any given situation may do to our well-being. we do what is expected, we follow the rules and yet, there is something still just not quite right.

fear is an illusion. it has been processed in our minds to make us believe in something that isn’t there. it causes anxiety, stress, heart rate elevation and mostly is something we ought to put out of our human lifestyle.

death is a process in which we know eventually will happen and most of us fear this tragedy only because the living grieve for their losses. it is like anything else; when you lose something or someone, the idea that it isn’t there just means you must redirect your lifestyle. this is very hard for most people and for some impossible.

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we fear death because it is an end. why?

it is a fact of life and we must not fear it we must put it out of our minds. most people will tell you that it is because they aren’t finished, they haven’t done things they wanted to do or been places they want to see.

why are you waiting? why are you not living then if you fear death?

it is the living that is the fear because some people can’t live or they don’t know how or do not have the means. i am telling you that is the real fear.


today, we know for sure living is the most stressful situation anyone can encounter. we are suffering all over the world without a thought or shred of consideration for our neighbors, what comes next or how others are dealing with their lives.

i know many people who have cast me aside over the years and you know what? i accept that because they do not understand sacrifice. they do not see the good in people no matter what or how they live.

i am so sad all the time only because i am not living the life i want and nor will i ever be able too. now, it is about rising to the beautiful sun, catching my breath and just merely grasping at the idea of making it another day.

my sense of reality is very deep and i know whatever dreams or hopes i had disappear many years ago.

one good thing in all this, i am aware of my own sanity and fear nothing but life.

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