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humanity is no longer free

the world is now a cyclone of conditioning. we are and have been deemed quarantined to our homes and forced to stop all activities that make us who we are and what we do.

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the government is in chaos and needed to find a away to keep us at arms length and it all started with a foreign country and its political advantages.

regardless if people assume there is a virus going around, the fact is we being convinced that we no long have rights and must abide by their rules.

this my readers is the begining of an economic breakdown and will certainly lead to war. this make be a war of the people because after being isolated by government, people take revenge. there is always a resistence created when the government sets rules that do not allow humans to act in freedom.

we all know rules can be broken however the human conditioning also can show us, we will break free. if we still believe in this freedom, we cannot let this world become a communism. we have been blinded by the truth of what is really going on and for some reason people believe the news, social media and video posts by the nations.

what this will cause is an evasion, people will get angry from being dictated and as many reassurances are being made, people will start a rebellion.

so those who believe me must speak out. lets take a stand for our humanity.

we need to be free.


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