How Wishing is An Illusion

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“when you know better, you do better”

famous words I heard once Oprah said and it stuck in my head. women like her come only once in a lifetime and how powerful her inspiration has been and still is to this day. the problem with this is that, we don’t all have the means to make and create the life we want, therefore, comparing ourselves to someone like that is totally ridiculous.

although, wasn’t there a song once that was titled: “dream the impossible dream”

I gave up on a lot of dreams, ambitions and especially hope, a small post I created in a book called “13Chaos” – read it and this morning this is what I am reminded of.

Hope is an illusion just like wanting more than we have but some people spend their whole lives striving, struggling and really never what they deserve. we waste our time thinking that someday, this luck would happen and forget to enjoy the moments we do have.

The only time you will see a person really admire their lives is if they know they are sick or dying, then they rabble to make the best of the time they have which is totally chaos.

I was talking to my aunt and uncle from Nova Scotia the other night and these people really have it but don’t know how to enjoy life. They have plane tickets booked for their annual visit to their condo in the Bahamas and my aunt is a crazy person. She is so concerned with this covid pandemic, she hesitates although she is fully vaccinated ( not that even matters ). I told them to live their lives and be in the moment. no one knows for sure what this will bring but I certainly wouldn’t sit around waiting especially if I had the means to go to a tropical island.

makes me sick that people like this have it and don’t appreciate it.

I said to my boyfriend last night, am I the only one on this earth that is so envious about going to a tropical place, sitting my ass on the beach and enjoying the sun? I am really obsessed with this idea and that is one of my biggest dreams.

all in all, I think one day I will be able to return to my favourite place but for now, I just to satisfy myself with a shitty normal lifestyle.

as always, be unconditional

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