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How we see reality

there are very few people who can actually see life for what it really appears to be. we spend all our time fighting for what we want and need only to have the other shoe drop.

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when people say we always have choices and along with those choices circumstances are inevitable, the outcome may not appear to be exactly what we had hoped for. the reality is we never have control over anything and i believe this is why we get frustrated and more so stressed.

so how do we fight this feeling of anger and frustration when things are just not right?

everyone has their own way of dealing with life’s ‘bullshit’ and we can see things in so many different ways that no one really knows for sure what is best for their own personal growth. what you have to do is take life at face value. when something bad happens, tear it piece by piece starting with how and what not the why | ask yourself whether the initial circumstance is really that important | will it really affect your whole life or can you release it and know it is something of lesser value than your own sanity.

what one really needs to do at any given time is to look and appreciate the good we all have in our lives and embrace that | remember there are those who have less than you and those who otherwise do not know the value of a good life.

i truly believe we should only concern ourselves with what we need and want and know that our own personal reality is what is most important to survive. do the work, live in the moment and know that you are doing the best you can.


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