How to Super Charge Truth and What it Represents

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why do we live in darkness, how affective is change and why adapt to human conditioning. can you imagine if people were more honest and the phrase, “fake it ’til you make it” didn’t exist? why would someone put themselves through that kind of conditioning?

we think that being something that someone else expects is priority in order to save something or because impression is everything. all you are doing is hurting yourself. the problem with people who want you to act a certain way is that they feel they have an image to hold up and you being in the mix of things, means, what you do or say may or may not reflect on them.

I have spent my life thinking i had to be something i am not and it got me nowhere. all it did was hurt my mental health and left me in a deep dark hole. how do you come back from that? and the bigger question is how to act a certain way without hurting your own personal individuality?

if you phrase the words in a way that is more reflective of yourself, then people should not judge you for being honest.

oh you can also not care about what others think but I can tell you that never happens. we are so consumed with people and worry if we are talked about or labelled, that even though it may not show, deep down the truth is humans are conditioned to believe a better version of ourselves is lurking somewhere.

we all have demons, even the best of the best in the world have demons and I can say, I would just love to be a little invisible fly on the wall to listen to private conversation about people. how fun that would be and make for more interesting writing.

the reason i write about this today is that, i met someone last night whom made me giggle and i don’t mean in a funny way but the idea that he has to put on this act in order to make himself look better or feel better drives me a little batty. i think i make him nervous but his idea of work ethics and team building are falsified and frankly he talks the talk but has no idea what he looks like doing it. when he asked how i was doing, here comes the fake it …

ya you guess it. i lied.

it doesn’t matter because he doesn’t. he has no power or interest in my life therefore, I am able to do that. i truly believe he is just that kind of person, hyper, outlandish and off his rocker but I respect that. if he truly believes he is doing a good job and making a difference, well who am I to say anything. I just know better.

in the now …

so things are shaping up for the holidays, I think it looks great and I am working on my outside decorations, finishing up today. then I will move on to the inside and hopefully get it all done within the week. reach out anytime and let’s connect!

best regards,

the Writer

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