how to put value back in our lifestyle

we all have a journey. we all aim to be better than we are and sometimes the ambition finds its way farther than we expected.

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i used to set many goals when i was working on something grand and now it seems life has changed my perspective on what is important. the time has come to decide whether living the life you want is of greater value than the life that is before you.

society follows rules and regulations in order to keep the peace but what happens when you step out of that comfort zone.


it is the most common reaction to anything we do not know. we stay in our safe zone because it is what is expected and truly fits the profile. i am here to tell you that if you just step out for a moment and really explore the possibilities, you will find a freedom.

as part of unconditional living, fear is one of the better ingredient i created and has taught me well. letting go of any restrictions enables you to free yourself and find a truth path.

look i am only a writer of truth but i can tell you many have given me congratulations on being who i am and what i express. it has given me the freedom to explore my inner ability to see the truth about life and people.

there are some days when the words do not come out as well as i expected but i do know when the time is right, someone will notice my talent.

i am hopeful.

today, i congratulate those who think they are doing right by follow the rules and regulations but i can also tell you the restrictions brought upon us will eventually find chaos.


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