how to get excited about something

today is a good day. i finally get my pc back after being detached for a month. as much as i like Apple Products, i still prefer my Windows — Microsoft. honestly i do realize it is a preference and Mac offers many features but when you are happy with something, there isn’t anything that can replace it.

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it has been hard to get excited about anything these days but i can say finding ways to accomplish tasks that brings your spirit up can be a bit tricky.

yesterday, as you can tell, i was busy emailing back and forth with different companies about new updates to plugins and wordpress. as i managed to get some answers, some are left out to dry.

nonetheless, i do have a beautiful layout and this means giving up some really good plugins i like. functionality is important when creating websites and i am a creature of determination. what we do in life does not define who we are but when you are trying to sell something to this crazy chaotic world, putting your best out there is key to success.

i have said this before, i am just a small dot on the www. but i do pride myself in good readable content.

so here we are …

what can i teach you today?

that finding one little piece of happiness can be difficult but not impossible. i guess that is the whole point. self love can grow into marvel and if we only see the good in things, we can achieve the impossible.

as i leave you with this thought, how are you surviving these days? don’t forget to start the journey with me by getting my gateway. email me for details


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