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I am 100% positive it takes strength and control to eliminate toxic people and I can say from personal experience, that it comes at a price. You have to remind yourself daily why you chose this path because it shows you the constant negativity that comes with associating with people who bring no value to your life and well-being.

I realized yesterday, that writing had been put on the back burner only because I have been really working hard on setting up my store, which obviously takes precedence because I want to generate a little side hustle but it also made me realize that I am basking in thoughts of negativity.

When people fail at their own pursuit of happiness, they simply continue to sink into that deep dark hole. Thoughts racing through my mind is the most dangerous form of “toxic” I know. I think we feel as though grasping these past experiences with toxic people reveals something really important. They remind us of how far we have come in life and we need to focus on that rather than what we failed in.

My career took me on a journey I never want to experience again and my personal relationships caused me to believe that I did not matter in the end. The struggle of wanting to be something of value has caused my worse nightmare and I am seeing that being in my own head is the root cause of it.

However, there are certain individuals in my life that have not helped that situation and I was forced to delete them from my life. I don’t mean in a physical sense but merely NO ASSOCIATION whatsoever. I can’t be constantly going back in time trying to figure out what I did wrong or why I chose a certain path.

Onwards as they say to sail in the deep blue sea or at least that is still the dream.

I would appreciate you taking the time to look at my store and buy something. My goal is to make 100 sales this week.

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