how to do we get back to normal

here we are, 3 days until Christmas and this year things are really different, aren’t they? with the whole world on lockdown again, it seems quite real that we are living a controlled and political chaotic time. as much as we joke about certain things, it is very sad to see how our world have been become and we can no longer live and breathe as we choose.

i find interesting the videos and statistics of so many people’s opinions. there are so many stories running ‘amuk’ that we do not know what is true. one man said that year after year people die, we just don’t hear about it. the stats show, he said, that people die every year in the thousands from health complications or flu and the numbers are no different than they are now.

so it makes me wonder what is the real truth about this pandemic.

how can the government want to control population, who came up with this Brainiac idea and why is this happening? personally, we should just back to our normal lives and let whatever germ hit and be normal again. they say the hospitals and nursing homes are the worse and you know why? because they aren’t getting any fresh air and therefore, their immune system has no way of regenerating. if you are constantly hiding behind your doors, how you even begin to heal or fight off anything?

let’s take the mask off – which doesn’t really protect anyone, it only makes you look like the next bank robber – ( proven fact ) – let’s do diligent and be safe without making everyone crazy. let’s figure out why this is such a big pandemic and where it really is coming from. stop pretending like it’s the worse virus in the world and make life livable again.

another note – all this is going to do is cause people to lose their minds and you will more and more deaths from suicide than the pandemic itself.

“this is truly my opinion and you can take it or leave it”

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