how to deal with the changes in our mind & body

talk about walking on egg shells, something i haven’t felt for a very long time is worry. i got my kitty fixed yesterday and it has been quite a long night of worry. the sheet they give you after surgery, the “don’t do this and don’t do that” watching her was a constant feeling of anxiety and fear. i am so worried she will get sick or worse open her wound, something i have never experienced before brought out many emotions.

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i have to say, i didn’t like it.

even when my children were sick, but rarely, how lucky am i, it seemed this feeling is something very foreign. i never expected this constant not being able to focus on anything other than her needs. as i watch her this morning, she seems to be a bit better and i have acquired someone to come check on her as i do have to go back to work. lucky, my hours are flexible and i will be with her later this afternoon at which time my boyfriend will be back home too, when i return back to work this evening at least i know she won’t be alone.

so it brings me to the point of changes. your mind is a tricky affair isn’t it?

as i find myself resting my brain these days with my new found love of work, the physical part of me is or has taken a bit of a beating. something i know will just take time but i can say my mind is very relaxed and that i am so grateful for.

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in the last few months, i was filled with worry and troubles from others, basically the job i was doing was very stressful and demanding. now, it is a whole new ball game but i am so happy to be in my place of work because i get to be in the fresh air and sociable.

the long forgotten time past has turned my life around and i can honestly say peace of mind is better when you find your place in the world.

so here we are, end of January. i am thinking up posts for February, the month of love and this i will have to dig deep into the books. my plan is to identify different types of relationships, the concept of love and how it can affect us in ways we never imagined. i guess this also means i will be discussing some sex stories, possibility because even at my age, i think it is so important to have closeness, even though i have none of that but envy those who have the luxury.

thank you again for reading my posts and hope you like and share below or follow my social media. remember, if you aren’t being unconditional, you aren’t seeing what i see. be safe!


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