how to binge on negative thoughts

the good and the bad

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how can we stay positive

dealing with our stresses can sometimes take a back seat but one day you wake up and the bad feelings come about, you must find a way to release that negative energy. isn’t funny how when you feel as though you make a big step into a great beginning and poof! something sets you back.

then you must decide how to turn yourself around and pinpoint the reason you woke up this way or if it is something in particular that hit that nasty bad button.

i guess on a personal note, i was feeling good when i left the house to venture out, get some fresh air then spotted something that reminded me where i actually am in my life.

how disappointing to still think this moment in time is unsatisfying. distraction isn’t enough anymore and even though the weather has lifted some spirits, there is still a little piece of me missing.

i want so much to be better than i am, successful, acknowledged and important and yet i am feeling ignored in my efforts. alas, at the end of this day, a little bit of reflection may be needed and then maybe i can start fresh tomorrow.


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