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how to be vulnerable without being open

most great people will tell you how they admire when a human is vulnerable. how they open themselves up to show people they aren’t afraid. i can tell you from experience that being open isn’t always a good thing. we must in some way keep the closet closed in order to keep anyone from destroying the better parts of ourselves.

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i am always open to whom i am with some restrictions. i have done it to many times where, i open that door just a little and people take advantage of this vulnerability. it is also the main reason i do not have close friends in the 100’s but i can say, for the most part, the people i do keep close are rare creatures like myself.

some of you may know but in my last job, it was all about the people trying to figure me out, get inside my head and i must say, i played that well. if they only knew what i was really thinking or up too, i probably would have been fired a few years back had i not left. what i am getting at is that working in the public is tricky.

saying things, acting in a certain mannerism is the essential but without a doubt hard on mental health. if you can’t be yourself, then what is the point.

i can almost guarantee that most people of the world do not show their truth and that my readers is scary.

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