How to be me and accepted

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peanut butter is a great thing, isn’t it? i love a nice slice of white bread with peanut butter. i say this because shouldn’t people be able to just say or write how they feel and tell it like it is?

what is really hard is expressing the things you really feel and not worry that people judge you. most of us who suffer from mental illness have this fear and i can say from experience it is dreadful.

we should not have to restrict our ability to lay it all out for the sake of worry; which by the way, adds more stress to your already crazy brain.

i have been reading articles on mental illness and causes. the one thing that stands out is tragedy. life experiences can create an overload of baggage and this in turn can cause mental illness. it reminds of my old theory on having ‘too many boxes open”.

that isn’t so far fetched.

the other thing that happens is we try to please to many people without really considering what it does to our own well-being. the idea of helping others is a great accomplishment but it sucks the life out of you, what are you left with?

the inability to find yourself.

then you sink, in that wonderful rabbit hole i speak of and you no longer have the ability to even find one happy thought. i do know there many resources out there but in my case, i don’t believe in therapy or medications, so what am i left with?

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