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I have been contemplating this design for a very long time and the question is whether less is more?

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I have always wanted to be different than all the blogger pages you see only because I don’t really sell anything. It is more about the words, the effect of mental health and what people do or say to cope with our world.

It has been over 15 years since doing this writing and my serenity is so important. I also find it very important to be totally satisfied with my creations, therefore I am always plugging at making it simple but functional while keeping my creativity alive.

I appreciate all who read my blog and it is a shame that no one ever comments. I don’t really understand why but nonetheless, I am still pushing full force and keeping up.

We are days away from flipping the clock to 2022 and I am by far not really excited only because life will not change. We are still in this tragic pandemic made up by a bunch of government officials in order to keep the population at bay.

It is so apparent it makes me sick.

I just hope that we will come out of this sooner than later but also for those of us who are still strong, land in a better world and understanding of why our lifestyle has changed.

as always, be unconditional, find the time to voice your opinions.

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