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How The Mind Can Play Tricks on Your Well Being

sometimes when we stress about life, the mind can work its way around past regrets or even make our imagination run wild. when something goes wrong, we tend to find purpose and meaning as to why this is happening. there are also times when we have to step back and look at the bigger picture.

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a piece of advice I can give because my mind never rests is STOP the rumble.

we are so conditioned to believe that what we do or say is a reflection of something we have experience, we lose sight of the reality. a place and time I say, for all that matters and this is when you need to evaluate what is best for your sanity.

I have noticed big changes in myself lately and I can honestly say it did not hit me until yesterday. I am more relaxed, less worried and yet, I have less. imagine that! funny thing is I am allowing what happens, happen and stopping the chaos in my brain to take over. I am finally adapting to whatever comes naturally and make choices I feel will benefit me.

ok. so I am not making good money anymore, hell no one is even calling me for a better job and especially here, no one is donating. I guess maybe people aren’t as nice as I thought but why should that stop me from find peace in sharing what I do best – write.

I have started working on a little project, which I believe will be a big hit when I have managed to finish it. Time is so limited as life takes over but I am devoted to this new adventure. I have also been offered a new job at the end of the month and I am happy to report it is right up my alley – sorta speak!

hint: I will new pyjamas!

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