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How Stir Crazy Are We Going

as writers, we want the best, we want to impress people by what we know or what we believe in and some days, the thoughts are so scattered, we take a break. this is what I have been doing, trying to focus on the best layout and filling the void of not being able to socially interact is driving me bonkers.

it is one thing to be active on social media but I realized yesterday being localized in your home can pose other problems. we all know the reruns are insane on television and I have just about covered all the binge watching on Netflix and Disney. I mean, there is only so many times you can watch a famous movie or show.

we are not defined by the people we interact with but how we interact with ourselves in times of crisis.

inspired by the Editor

what I have also noticed is people whom are on lock down at home are eventually going to go stir crazy and this will pose a problem for self love. trying to find ways to keep ourselves occupied, being interactive with family and friends no longer is perceived as a must when you are isolated. there is only so much was can take of a certain person.

however, we are on lockdown and we must make the best of it. I find myself wanting to create or listen to music but mostly making the best of it.

Question of the day: “how are you surviving?”

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