Mental Health

how often do we really check in with ourselves

the price we put on our mental health can sometimes be really expensive but how do we even begin to understand the consequences of our actions, if we do not understand our method.

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how we live affects all of our well being and if we aren’t careful, well, the price will be pretty deep. we should recognize the signs and act on it immediately. i have been sick for two days and i am wondering what the hell is going on but i can say with certainty, it all has to do with mental health.

i had a bit of a break down on monday, something i don’t do to often is cry but in reality something triggered my anxiety and the bad thoughts were running through my head like a race car. pretty worried about this kind of behaviour because it hasn’t happened in a very long time. then, to my surprise my body was reacting to my sudden feelings and it had proven to me, i really needed a rest.

i have spoken about sleep before and how i can’t relax my brain at night. it is like living another life while i sleep and it is becoming exhausting. i only wish i had the answers.

on a personal note: i think it is just the changes of my lifestyle, nothing really serious but it still needs attending too.

website update:

unfortunately, adding to my anxiety and stress, the hosting company i deal with crashed my website and as they attempted to fix it, also screwed up my other websites i take off. not a good thing. while i wait for them to fix these issues, i sit here and rebuild mine. good thing i have patience for web design and creativity, also that i back up all my shit. right?

day off:

today, after i am done with all this, i will certainly spend some time outside. fresh air and sunshine curse all, doesn’t it?

as always, be unconditional.

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