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life being sucked out of you

ever wish you had done many things differently in your life? i do. all the time and with this memory in place, i often wonder if others have this emptiness i feel most of the time.

when you are educated and feel as though you have learned nothing, it is because the mind isn’t settled. giving yourself 100% means sacrificing your own ambitions until one day you wake up and feel as though you missed something important. the signs were there, the road was clear, yet i took a step back and did what was right.

music influences my thoughts and when i sit here every morning and listen to some of my favorites hits of the past, i realize how unfulfilled i am. whether it is love, work, friendships, it is always the same question that comes to mind:

“why didn’t i do what the hell was best for me?”

they say when you give of yourself unconditionally, it comes back ten folds but for some reason, i have never experienced that feeling. the more i gave the more i got life sucked out of me. now with this 2020 pandemic, people are feeling very low in isolation trying to keep busy in their homes and you can see the faces on #Youtube, people aren’t the same.

welcome to my world.

isolation isn’t new to me and still find a moment to say, now how do you feel getting the life sucked out of YOU.

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