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how far apart do you feel during social distancing

i was thinking about social distancing last night, more than usual and how this world is all in a chaotic state because they can’t do or interact with people. the worse part is that i am all to familiar with this and all of sudden i got angry with this thought.

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my anxiety is so high lately and i do realize it but it is because of past experiences that this evolution has appeared and been a part of my daily life for over 2 years now.

you see, social distancing is nothing short of a lesson and something that i am so used too, i don’t get the big deal. 2 years ago, i worked in the public sector, surrounded by people 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. it was nothing short of being bombarded with constant interaction and when i lost that connection, i adjusted my lifestyle to make peace with myself.

however …

it was not by choice that i loss this wonderful career, not to mention money but by health definition.

coming back to the angry social distancing

people are now realizing how difficult it is to isolate and not be able to do the normal things they are used too like going for a ride, a walk in the park, a coffee at the local shops, out for dinner or even entertainment.

what is bothering more than anything is that people are saying we must connect with people to make sure they aren’t losing their minds and yet before all this shit happened, call me selfish or whatever but when i was going through my crisis and isolated, no one bothered to connect with me. i was talking to my boyfriend about this yesterday and how people have forgotten to connect with us. the only people that care were our parents and children.

i guess that is all that matters really but it made me angry just the same.

reaching out is so important and i remember when i worked in the public how i was always there for the 40 people i called my family and where are they today? are they worried about me?


not anymore than that even during a crisis. very sad to say but that is what is biting my ass lately. #connecting, we need to really define that a little more.

i am grateful for at least 3 people in my social circle who have at least kept in touch and remain loyal to our #friendship.

all i am saying, a part of me is saying what is all for nothing and was the time i spent with these people 2 years all a game of #simonsays?


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