How do you know when to shut the f**k up and reverse the Stigma

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Teaching people to filter their words is very difficult if they don’t understand the concept.

I am a very forward person but when the situation grants for silence, I know when to shut up. Some people have no filter, at all and it is sad to say that it would only make sense to know when to say what you mean when in a proper situation.

There are certain triggers that affect people and if you know the person well enough, you should know these triggers. Why is it that some people continue to force issues you would rather not bring up? do they intentionally want to upset you or bring up the pain of a such situation? Maybe it is because they like to see you suffer because they themselves have an issue they can’t deal with or maybe because they secretly want to see you hurt.

I go with the latter.

I am by far a person who lives and let’s live in certain situations but this has to be spoken. There are things in my past I wish people would just leave alone. However, we all know when in social gatherings, people tend to bring up the past. Well, this is what happens.

If I know a certain subject is not in the best interests of others, I don’t mention it especially when they are in the room. The filter must be strapped in and put in place because we aware, if you know anything about mental health, that this trigger will certain cause a reaction.

On the other hand, if you are lucky enough, like me, not to be bothered by such devotion to making my life a living hell, well, you just write what you feel and go on with your day.

Still, it puzzles me why some would these things out loud. That question is still unanswered but I can say without a doubt, it is probably a reaction to an on going long forgotten situation.

or is it?

In the Moment

So, we all survived the #Christmas2021 and soon will turn the page to 2022. As you can see my creativity continues and I am proud to be satisfied with the new brand. Color, power and expression, this is the focus. I am glad though that it is all over, to much of much and not enough of caring, can really make a person insane.

as always, be unconditional,

the Writer

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