How Do We Capture These Moments

life should be stress-free, no chaos, no struggling, no crossroads.

there are some in life who must fight harder than others to get what they want and need. I was told so many times that happiness comes from within but what I truly believe that no matter how hard you fight for something, some of us aren’t blessed with the luxuries and luck.

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maybe what we need to realize is this | happiness is an illusion of others and how we are perceived to live our lives. what we make of it is our own destiny. we can try to surround ourselves with the luxuries, visit foreign countries, relax on beaches until the sun goes down but at the end of the day we know we much come back to our own reality of life.

so how do we capture these moments to keep our sanity and reality?

I think we have to make our lives according to our means. we cannot be someone else or live someone else’s life | we have to live according to what we know and understand to be our own simplicity. every day I learn more and more about what life has in store for me and I have to say I more puzzled than ever. working hard to accomplish my success in anything has offered me nothing but struggle. I keep asking the same question over and over: ‘why can’t I just enjoy life, why can’t things be, worry-free as I see others have’ |

life should be stress-free, no chaos, no struggling, no crossroads.


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