how can one inspire when one can’t see pass the fog

in life, we often forget to do that reality check. we realize that something is seriously wrong with our way of life and can’t figure out what is clouding our train of thought. the key to this dilemma is to clearly focus on one thing at a time but every so often, the wheels are spinning out of control.

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what is needed is a moment to take inventory of what is going on in your present life to cause this fog. stop thinking about where did i go wrong but think about what i can do today. we are consumed with what should have been rather than face the reality,

i am constantly feeling regret from my past and it has to stop. it is driving me insane because i have trouble letting go of my mistakes. my mind keeps thinking had i done this instead of that and i am in constant chaos with my own personal growth.

from time to time, i do say ‘fuck it’ and come back to my reality but every so often something creeps up to remind me of my fault and bad decisions. so what am i left with? stupidy.

guilt is another difficult thing when you know you could have done better, when you have made better choices for yourself. we can’t even begin to understand why events happen the way do but we know that no matter the path, it is in place for a reason. we just have to accept that this is what is laid out for us.

all we can truly do for our own personal well-being is be the best at whatever we do and know it will all be well in time.

now if only i could take my own advice and suppress the guilt and regrets.


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