how are people really doing

we have been focused on mental health in May but how do we turn the page on the months to come. i was so interested in seeing and reading other people’s posts, social media banter that i lost myself in the medium. when we turn our attention to others, we forget about who we are and what we are feeling. not doing this intentionally because life happens but then we lose the focus of ones’ own well being.

i am reminded now of my boxes.

the art of writing and being great at something doesn’t really come from others but it comes from the ability to weed out the things that no longer serve a purpose. identity is so often forgotten and this is where people begin to use other means of blanketing the reality. i suppose this is why we are seeing so much violence and death, not only because of this pandemic but because people have no coping mechanism and the support isn’t available.

my personal views on support.

i don’t believe by speaking to a therapist will essentially help anyone, i mean why would you vent all of your efforts and problems on a stranger when they know nothing about you. they don’t know your story, they don’t feel the pain, the anger, the self negative, they are there as a guide which i do not feel helps me in any way. i would rather pick a person who truly is open to my troubles or feelings and can connect in as a true human being.

updates of my creativity

i have been, as i said, focused on the wrong idea. how to personalize your space is very important and truly essential when branding yourself. so what do people believe in, what do they see when they read this blog. i can tell you: another self absorb individual who possibly has no meaning but at least tries to continue a journey.

so here we are. the next few days, i will be more focused on simplicity and getting my ass outside. i have spent to much time on the sofa these days and not on my well being. i think it is time to let go of the garbage and reunite with what i love, the water.

as always, stay safe and always be unconditional.

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