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How about knowing when and where to change

so here I am thinking it is Friday and I haven’t written a thing all week. what is up with that? I will tell you; life.

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chaos is never far behind me and it is probably true for most of the population of the world. I think the moons aren’t align properly this week because it felt as though a shift of emotions fell right upon my aura. frustration, emotional, heck there was so much drama, I couldn’t keep up with my own thoughts. good thing maybe I didn’t have much to say either.

this morning, as life would have it, I am caught between what is to come, where I have been and how I am in the present moment. I have been thinking much about stability and how many people feel the same on the subject.

do you like living by the seat of your pants? or do you prefer that knowing all the time what is coming next?

good question.

I think we all need stability in some form but the idea of not knowing what is coming next can be exciting. i’d like to know where that excitement went for me because at one time, I could just be in my moment and not worry what comes next. today, if you ask me, I need to know what comes next and where the hell I am heading.

I want so much more than this present life, I can’t even begin to tell you how, where or when. I feel my life is lacking many things; desires, needs, wants, and I think most of all happiness.

yes, we all know this creature behind the computer isn’t at all happy and hasn’t been for many years but I do put on a good show. I have started many projects and never finished them and that in itself is the absolute chaos symptom. so maybe, starting with a list of things that need to be done, clearing the clutter, might bring light to this crazy lifestyle I am living at the moment.

what are your thoughts? remember, if you life isn’t what it should be or you feel as though something just isn’t right, it has to change.


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