having strong opinions doesn’t make you a bad person.

it makes you the right person.

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i was thinking about perspective and how we as humans all have difference of opinion. some may like one thing, while the other may not. isn’t that the truth! but when it comes to human conditioning i believe we aught to really consider all possibilities when talking to others about anything.

here we find ourselves having a strong opinion about something and the other people to accept our views, however we fight and struggle when all in all, the ending is the same. you can’t change people or policies. things are in place for a reason, as i am a big fan of policies to keep structure, sometimes it is the way it is conveyed that is the problem.

there is a way to communicate to people without sounding like a robot, or play by play authority figures. my little short post last night was an affect of my day and today, i feel a little reserved to see what will happen next.

revealing weakness is never an easy thing but when you have a revelation, you must write it down because it is truly the only way to grow and understand yourself. as a child, i was surrounded by negativity, never feeling good at all with whom i was or even what i was growing up to be. no ambition, no ability to even conceive some great success or future. it was always a few feet away and i couldn’t quite grab it.

i have learned many things since then and for what its worth, striving for more isn’t always the medicine but i realized last night, i am doing it again. pushing and pushing my limits for others.

stop! full stop! right? – so as i go about creating ( yes – again ) only because it is relaxing, i want you to really think about where you are and how satisfied you are with what you do. is there some part of you that wishes for something better or are really content with your way of life.


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