having a plan

ever make a list and say: “ok, today i am going to do this and that?” then the day comes and you just don’t feel like it.

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yes. that’s where i am at today.

we all know on our days off we feel as though much needs to be accomplished like housework or things you have put off for lack of time. the idea of having a day off is for resting not working but humans are all the same never taking time to just say:

fuck it.

our mind and bodies can only handle so much and when the signs are endless, it is really time to evaluate what is important. we fear that if this or that doesn’t get done, maybe we will feel as though we have failed our to-do list. i can assure the term “the dishes will still be there tomorrow” stands true on any level.

maybe it is guilt.

the idea that we don’t accomplish what we set out will mean we have failed but i believe that if we recognize we need a break is better than overloading ourselves with to-do-lists.

i have one of those papers on my refrigerator and if i manage to accomplish one task in a week, i am satisfied with my work. i like to just do nothing, especially at this time of year when the weather is so unpredictable to just catch up on tv programs or simply play with the kitty.

speaking of my kitty, i probably never spoke about her in a blog but i have to say the responsibility that comes with that is almost like having a new baby. she is very active and requires much attention but a joy.

so my readers, i bid you a good day and in order to keep sane i will the day to just relax my mind and body and hope you can find some escape from the hussle and bussle of the chaotic world of 2020.


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