Goals & Challenges in Our Daily Lives

As I sit here creating my first e-course, I reminded of how challenging anything can be even if you are creative and informed. You want something to work so bad that you challenge everything in your power in order to make this successful.

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I am struggling again as I ended another job yesterday because the company could not accommodate one small issue. The programs we were using were all very well but I could not adjust the main display in order to see what I was doing, therefore, without their help, it became apparent, I could not continue. I am very disappointed this morning because I must face the world of unemployment and for the life of me, I can’t seem to get a good job. As I wait for a miracle to happen, I will continue my work here and of course set out in the real world in hopes of find a stable job.

For lack of sounding pitiful, I keep wondering why these challenges are happening and why I can’t get lucky in employment. I am a very smart person and very resourceful but it seems as though, employers don’t like the resume or there just isn’t any work left for me. #missingmyoldjob

I did go visit my previous employer and even though it felt so right and so like home, unfortunately that ship must wait as there isn’t any work for me there. Very disappointing but a fact of life.

So here I am…

As this is thanksgiving weekend 2019, today I will get all the goodies needed to prepare a meal for the children and as they look forward to my cooking, I still fear the worse for myself because I know jobs are hard to come by. I am trying very hard not to lose my shit because I tend to worry much more than I need too and my health usually suffers for it. They was an old saying I am reminded of, “when one part of life is great, the rest goes to shit” I believe that with my whole being.

If only I could get a little boost and mean something valuable to a company and be happy with the choices I have made, maybe life would be different. I do also wish I could take back my disaster of last year but hey let’s face it, the past can’t be changed and today is here and now.

practice what you preach they say…

honesty is one of my gifts and today I can honestly tell you, I am not happy with anything and I don’t know how to fix all of this but I do know I have some people who have confidence in me and know that I will succeed at something.

here’s hoping.

Have a great weekend everyone and remember to watch out for the launch of my e-course on how to live an unconditional life or help a writer and donate. You can also etransfer if that is easier just email me if you feel generous.


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