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as i scrolled through my website this morning, i am thinking about what makes a great blog or better yet how does a writer even begin to impress the audience.

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some writer’s get writer’s block but i get design blockade.

i am always fasinated by new layouts and websites that seem to attract alot of attention but on the other hand, i also see distraction. therefore, i consider the possibility that maybe the idea of “less is more” might be more inviting to the reader.

this morning i spend time really evaluating what is best for me and my website.

the other thing that comes to mind is time.

how we are so boggled with working, visiting, doing whatever it is we do we forget the important things that make us who we are. how we grow as individuals is important for our well-being and if we do not stop for just a moment, we can end up in the rabbit hole.

working from home, always on my computer is another distraction.

when you spend that much time working on your devices, you lack the inability to detach from the online world. however, my hobby is blogging, design and writing and i must also take time for this if not only to heal my sanity.

it is really all about getting back to basics.

Step 1 – the understanding of ones’ needs

Step 2 – what is important to me

Step 3 – clear your thoughts and focus on one thing

unless you can do this, you will not conclude any project or ambitions.

a while back i wrote a series of living an unconditional lifestyle. knowing how to present this course, teaching this method is one thing but layout it all out on my website for selling is another roadblock. the last two days i have spend trying to add this wonderful ebook series to my blog without success.

in the next few days, i will succeed at presenting this great teaching and hope that people be interested.

remember, unless you try, you can never learn.


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