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bringing home a new life is an important part of growth. when you have the responsibility to care for a small child, or an animal, you must take care of it. there is another side to this caring and the idea that something so precious is opening itself to you and trusting that you will show them love and understanding.

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now that my son’s are older, i find it difficult as if they don’t need me anymore because they are adults and can fend for themselves. of course, they still require mom for the other things but this is the same.

i realized yesterday, nurturing is a big part of who i am. i was feeling less important in the world for the last two years and a month ago, when our cat died, i felt even more useless.

so yesterday, we took home a new kitty, her name is black widow ( more photos to come )and she is very curious. what i admire most is that she is developing and all these new sounds, surroundings and things are strange to her. but as life would take its way, she is adapting well for her first day.

she is no longer than 6 or 7 inch and is very interested in shoes. she is also eating well, one of my biggest fears but no, she knows where the important things are. i also made her a bed with a cuddle blanket and she seems to really like that.

now to watch her grow will be a joy. i can’t wait to see when she discovers we have stairs and one day she will join me in my office.

by the way, if you had spoken to me 9 years ago, i was not a big fan of animals. read this article to tell you more.


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