gift giving and a little more.

the question on all our minds is how to give without spending a lot. well, that’s easy – don’t. i believe a gesture is more important than the size of the gift and as i was telling my ‘bf’ last night, why wait until that one big day a year.

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i pride myself in giving all through the year, a special message, a thought and especially telling someone how special they are. being a good person means giving and if you can imagine just taking one moment to say hello, or how are you today, will brighten anyone’s day.

the other thing is being positive; all to often people, especially companies, focus on the negative, the what you aren’t suppose to do rather than give you the good stuff. after a while, your mind will fill your head with those negative thoughts and soon you will believe you aren’t good enough.

i see this daily only because the people are work for aren’t positive. they push and push and never give you any positive feedback. i am very stressed all the time and i don’t like it. totally exhausted, lack of rest and my brain never stops, i find myself thinking is it all worth it?

i thought in my lifetime, work was supposed to be something you enjoy doing, something that makes you want to get up and feel as though you are making a difference in life.

i also realized something else about myself yesterday how i need to feel needed, how i need to feel as though i make a difference in people’s lives, not only for my gratification but the idea that someone really needs me fills me up. at one time, i had that and remembering my hectic lifestyle became null also made me realize how much i need be in that better environment.

timing is everything so i’ve been told and i will just have to wait it out. remember, it isn’t the price of gift giving but the quality of the gift.


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