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Getting What We Want

life is a battle | determination, perseverance and a plan. the problem with life is that all these do not really matter if all fails. you set your motivation in high gear, see the vision in your head, even write it on paper and for some reason life throws you that curve ball and you can’t get back on the saddle.

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determination is what keeps you a float however it can also burn you out when you least expect it. you try methods of simplicity, ‘don’t sweat the small stuff, remember there is always tomorrow but if you are like me, big or small, you know it isn’t quite what you had in mind.

stress is one of the leading causes of illness and for some it can kill you. it’s unfortunate that we live our lives according to societies expectations and for some never really get exactly what we so desire. needs, wants become a shadow, something that is just quite out of your reach
| satisfaction guaranteed became something the business industries took for granted and never stepped up to the plate and we the humans of for better or worse sit and wonder why.

i don’t have the answer as to why some people get exactly what they want | i am sure the most ambitious will tell you that determination and goals set precedence and they worked hard for what they wanted but i believe it was pure luck. some where born with a golden spoon and the rest of us just have to accept it.

and with that, we work, we pay bills, we sometimes find little pleasures in life to keep our sanity but i wonder if it is the goal we should change?


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