getting sucked in to people’s drama

time isn’t the only thing i have been lurking but people in general. how we adapt to different cultures, characters and see people for who they are and what their lives must be like.

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yesterday, a lady was going on about her personal life in a work environment and i was a bit distracted by that thinking, why. we truly don’t want to rant and rave about our personal life when we are in a professional setting. as it wasn’t my place to say anything, i had my own massive list of duties, i couldn’t let it go.

i wanted someone to remind her how she was representing herself. so i unloaded myself to a manager and afterwards, i thought, hopefully it will get resolved.

now some may consider that ‘not minding my own business’ but i was really trying to her a favor. as i am the ‘fixer’ as they say, always nurturing others to be better, opening their eyes to something they may or may not see in themselves but how important is this to my own well being.

don’t absorb other people’s emotions

someone said

how powerful those words are and should be put on some cup to remind us everyday, we are here to make our lives better not other people’s drama.


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