getting back to basics

as you can see, my creativity is all but lost. i have been trying so hard to find my own unique way of expression, i keep falling into the “everyone else trap.”

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when you are being creative, the idea is to clear your mind, feel the mood and identify what makes you, you.

sometimes that is harder than you think.

i went back to basics 101 and found that it appears to be more pleasing to the eye and feels more like me. bold, outspoken and less details. let’s be honest, no one wants to be like the people next door and we all want to stand out but finding that balance can be a bit challenging.

for years i was always someone else’s puppet in all activities of my lifestyle. as i got older i realized being unique me is much more appealing. she doesn’t come out very often but when that self appears, i am quite interesting.

same goes for my writing.

when i have something to say about any given subject, i feel strong and say it like it is. if we could only push all that other junk out of way, wouldn’t be a better place to live?

my lesson today is remain who you are by going back to basics. if you need to make a list, do that. start with what is not working for you and shove it somewhere the sun don’t shine and just let the real you stand out from the crowd.

the reaction i am sure will be impressionable.


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