friendships: what is that all about

i went for a little visit yesterday and the whole time i was there i wondered what the hell these people were thinking. then it happened: the face.

there are certain people whom just seem to sink into your soul and one of them in particular i know has this ‘ink’ embedded in my head. since i have had enough with #socialdistancing and don’t really care about rules these days, i was so glad to be able to hug people i miss and care deeply about.

one person, in particular, kept bitching about his job and i told him straight out


for 2 years now i have regretted my past lifestyle and i made it clear to him that leaving wasn’t the solution. the hardest part is you can’t talk shit to this guy because he is a very unique individual more than me.

but let’s get back to my feelings.

it always feels like home when i am there and it really makes me sad because i made such a mistake leaving this place. although there is much chaos at the moment, i still feel the same.

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