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forgive yourself they say but do they really understand the meaning

how that phrase resonates with me in so many ways. i don’t understand it or i ignore it. forgiveness is difficult and holding a grudge is probably one of the worse things you can do for your mental health. however, the idea of this phrase really haunts me because in the end what are we really forgiving?

when someone has done you harm, we are suppose to forgive them but is this possible when the only reason they have done you harm is because you let them. you are consumed with the idea that a person can say or do something to really flip your lid or destroy your very core but in reality if you are an unconditional person, nothing should really cause this kind of pain.

the only reason this would trigger a feeling of destruction or pain is because you let it.

it took me a long time to get over this idea of forgiveness and how my life isn’t affected at all by what people say or do. am i numb or uncompassionate? no. i have just learned that my energy is better spent concerning myself with me. selfish? for some but in the end, i only have myself to live with and disappointment isn’t far behind. it can creep up at a moments notice, therefore, i don’t need the additional stress of other peoples issues.

what i am sick of these days is a failure to be content and happy with my lifestyle.

you would think after all this time i would finally be in a better place, feeling happy isn’t my strong suit but it is something i live with daily. so, the true understanding of forgiveness is how to forgive myself so they say.

the trouble with this concept is why should i be forgiving myself for something that really is out of my control? why does forgiveness seem so important when you are in a stressful situation or blame becomes your best friend?

those questions i will leave in your capable thoughts.

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